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(Year 7, Year 8 & Year 9)

Our classrooms are set up so that students can get the best out of their learning, including specific areas to help feed their knowledge. We provide students with a learning environment surrounded by key vocabulary, examples of their own work and a range of resources.

Students are encouraged to work with more autonomous skills and develop academic confidence, social skills, where they can learn to collaborate and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions.  


In Key Stage 3, the sciences are broken down into biology, chemistry and physics and are taught separately. Key Stage 3 students will have 3 lessons per week, covering each one of the sciences and are taught by subject matter experts.

In this stage, the subjects of life processes and living beings (Biology), materials and their properties (Chemistry) and physical processes (Physics) are introduced.


In Key Stage 3, we follow the JUMP Maths method; it is an award-winning program that allows our students to be working at a much higher level. Introduces equations and arithmetic thinking, allowing students to achieve goals with daily assessments and practice.

To strengthen the acquisition of knowledge, all students have access to the EDUTEN online homework platform. This online platform is designed to help in the understanding of mathematical concepts, calculations and problems.

We work with Oxford University Press as well as high-quality, curriculum approved, literature study texts.

  • Reading - In all key stages, students will be given a range of reading materials including fiction, non-fiction, and resource books from our extensive library.

  • Reading- Comprehension- KS3 students will primarily be using the reading comprehensions from Oxford University Press, which are tailored to year group and learning targets.

  • Writing - Extended writing tasks are completed on a monthly basis, as stipulated by the British National Curriculum.


We complete the Curriculum with Music, Technology, Arts, Geography, History, STEAM, PSHE.

All wider curriculum subjects are taught in English, except for the Spanish Language subject (5 hours/week) and German subject (2 hours/week) which are taught by native teachers.

  • Computer Science, Technology & Robotics (STEAM). Learn how to correctly navigate the different programming applications and software through challenges and games.

  • Physical Education and Healthy Living. Learning individual sports, focus on techniques, group work and sportsmanship.

  • PSHE. Focus on wellbeing, citizenship and understanding friendships.

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