Year 3 Spring term

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Year 3 Spring term

British Prince School
Published by Miss Debbie in Year 3 · 4 March 2019
Learning new skills!

 This Spring term we are really getting into our learning stride here in Year 3!

 In literacy we’ve been looking at different ways to expand our vocabulary to make our writing more creative and interesting or our readers.

 We’ve been using thesauruses and dictionaries in groups and individually to make sure we choose the best words possible!

 In science we’ve conducted some blind experiments to put our sense of touch to the test! We made a carousel of boxes, each with a different object in to feel and describe – we were pretty good and got most of our guesses for the contests of the boxes correct!

 We’ve also been lucky enough to have a special visitor come to talk to the class – Naval Commander Will - who spent part of a morning with us teaching us all about life on board a submarine!

 We got to learn all about daily life and the cramped conditions, as well as all the amazing sights that Will has been lucky enough to see in his time in the Navy.
We even got to look at his nautical maps and try out some of his specialist uniform!

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