Year 2 Projects and Updates!

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Year 2 Projects and Updates!

British Prince School
Published by Miss Victoria in Year 2 · 13 February 2019

  Everyone in Year 2 has been working very hard to create amazing projects recently! Projects are a wonderful way for students to express their own individuality, learn something new and practice public speaking. Now that we are nearly midway through term 2 we are trying to focus more on independent work with projects. This doesn’t mean that they should be completing everything alone, guidance is encouraged! But they should be completing the projects mostly on their own and should be able to explain how they made it.

  Last week’s projects about inventors were fantastic! Everyone learned about a vast variety of inventions ranging from legos to the piano! We also had a lovely visit from Simon and Mateo’s Dad.


  We also had a lovely visit from Simon and Mateo’s Dad. He taught everyone about submarines and what it’s like to live and work on one. It was a very fun and interesting morning!


  In Science class we are continuing to learn about some amazing scientists! This week we are focusing on Louis Pasteur his discoveries regarding germs! On Monday we conducted an experiment that showed us how quickly we pass our germs around if we don’t wash our hands! Using only a bowl of glitter (the “germs”), everyone was amazed at how fast they move!

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