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Year 1 & Reception trip to Reina Sofia

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Year 1 Trip to Reina Sofia!
8 January 2019

This week Y1 had an exciting morning out of the classroom, exploring the wonderful sights in the Reina Sofia Museum!


We were joined by Miss Amelia and the Reception class for the trip to the museum.

We arrived at the museum and met our two lovey tour guides for the morning.  After everyone had introduced themselves we went to see the first sculpture.  We went into a large room and saw the Richard Serra sculpture, ‘Equal Parallel’.  The two guides asked us what games we could imagine playing in this large space with the steel blocks breaking up the room.  Of course hide and seek was the obvious choice! We had lots of fun playing games in this room before moving outside to the patio.  Here we looked at the Alexander Calder, ‘Carmen’ sculpture.  This is a large monumental, standing mobile that moves with the wind much like the leaves of a tree do.  The colours are red and yellow and the children were able to tell me that it looks like an autumn tree with red and yellow leaves, floating around in the wind.

Later we stopped to look at some sculptures of silly faces in one of the corridors of the museum.  The tour guides showed us a funny game we could play using the sculptures as inspiration.  In pairs we pretended one of us was a mirror and mimicked exactly the face the other was pulling.  This certainly led to some interesting faces!
The final sculpture we stopped to look at was the Luciana Fabro, ‘Piede di vetro’.  This was a very obscure piece; a large glass foot with a long silk leg attached and nobody knows which animal it could be! Our guesses were dinosaur, monster or even a huge chicken! We listened to a beautiful story that out tour guides told us whilst we sat by this sculpture and then shared our own ideas about who or what this large foot could belong to.
As our trip came to an end we were able to go outside the museum and play in the courtyard.  Our tour guides taught us several new games and we used chalk to mark out the games on the ground.
When we were back at school and settled back into the classroom in the afternoon, we discussed the different materials we had seen at the museum; steel, glass, silk and many more, and how we can use examples from this trip to help is in our new science topic, materials.  We were also able to join with the reception class again during afternoon break and use the chalks outside to play some of the new games we had learnt.


We even tried making some of our own sculptures using the blocks in the playground.

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