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Year 2 trip to Reina Sofia

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Year 2 trip to Reina Sofia!
9 January 2019


We had a wonderful visit last Tuesday to the Reina Sofia museum for a fun and educational workshop related to art, movement and expression. All of the year 2 students were on their best behavior as our guides showed us all different sculptures and paintings in a very creative way with music and movement.

Some students volunteered themselves to show the class how certain pieces of art made them feel using their own movements!

Some of the artwork we saw seemed brighter and more upbeat while others seemed slower and quieter. Everyone had to translate this into their own movements in their own unique way! After touring the museum, we ended with a very fun game involving a big square with different shapes inside. Everyone got to participate in a fun game that involved different movements and sounds.

Another fun part of our trip was seeing the artwork of artists we are learning about in class! Everyone was able to see some of Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures in person! Along with the works of Picasso and Dali.
Year 2 will definitely be using all of the fun things we learned at the Reina Sofia back at British Prince School!

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