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Reception & Year 1 trip to Reina Sofia

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Reception trip to Reina Sofia!

8 January 2019

On Wednesday this week, Reception and Year 1 took an exciting visit to the impressive Reina Sofia Museum. As soon as we left the school bus, the children were mystified by the beautiful building, which holds two glass elevators that seem to reach all the way to the sky. Once inside, we were met by two lovely tour guides, who explained to reception class that the artwork they were about to see had much potential for imagination and games! For example, Richard Serra’s famous sculpture piece ‘Equal-Parallel’ were not just boring grey blocks – but were in fact the perfect place to play Hide and Seek!

After walking through the gorgeous courtyard and admiring the huge Alexander Calder sculpture (which the children pointed out looked just like an ‘Autumn Tree’), the classes were told to “look for some funny faces in the gallery”. Sure enough, we passed a collection of head sculptures, each pulling a unique expression, which the children had to mimic. They then had the fun challenge of creating their own ‘funny face’ and then mirroring it with a partner – which made for some great photos! The children also got to show off their creativity with a dance session, the class stood before a simple video of a ballerina moving her arms and legs while lying on the back, the reception copied her movements while following lines on a mat beneath them, making for some graceful dancing.


Finally, after admiring and contemplating more interesting artworks, we were led outside next to Roy Lichtenstein impressive sculpture ‘Brushstroke’, and reception loved its’ cartoonish style. Our guides used chalk to draw some simple fun games on the ground, which we then re-created once we returned to school in our own playground.

Overall, it was a spectacular day out for reception class, with many students saying they can’t wait to visit the gallery again!

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